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Do you have a catchy brand name in mind or a tagline to start your business with...WELL BEFORE YOU EVEN start to go further with your thought process....check if some else is already using it as a Company Name or Trademark by conducting searches on Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Trade Marks Registry official websites.

There are numerous instances wherein businesses have adopted brand/tagline without filing a trademark and had to suffer huge monetary losses as well as desrupte to the accrued business goodwill when the rightful owner of the company name/trademark filed suit against such impugned brand/tagline under Trade Marks Act, 1999 in India.

So before its too late conduct searches and file application for a trademark because trademark is a valuable asset and intellectual property of your business.

Our expert Intellectual Property Lawyers can assist you in conducting trademark availability searches, file trademark application to protect your brand and other intellectual property such as copyright, patent, design etc.

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